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General Guidelines

The Science Besieged Project welcomes additional views and voices that are aligned with its goals. We encourage those with something to add to contact us with their ideas, or to ask that we suggest some. The statement of goals is kept in the article Scienticity:About.

Articles can be short and specific miniatures of 500 to 700 words, up to full-course features of 5000 to 7000 words, so long as they treat their subject adequately. Organize your material, note your sources, but don't stifle your expression.

Existing articles can serve as models, but they're not the last word. Look at all article titles for something that might help or, if that's too much choice, try a random page.

Contact us by e-mail through the Comment Form.

Suggestions for Articles

  • Profiles of scientists and science advocates who have engaged the public in an attempt to increase the public's awareness and appreciation of scientific topics.
  • Pieces that enrich our understanding of the history of science in society.
  • Reports that document outbreaks of anti-scientism.
  • Reviews of situations in the continuing struggle of science against anti-science forces.
  • Studies that illustrate the value of science in society and society's reaction to science.
  • Essays about the role of science in society.

For other ideas, look at all the yet-to-be-written titles in the Project Outline.


See our Style Manual for more pedantic guidance on commas and such matters.

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