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All articles in the online Scienticity Project database are © Copyright by their original authors who retain all rights, and are not in the public domain unless specifically noted in the article.

Short excerpts and quotations are welcome if they are attributed as described below.

Except where it is excluded by a Special Copyright Notice on an individual article, permission is granted for non-commercial use of unaltered, individual articles provided the source is properly attributed and contains at least the following elements regardless of order:

  • title of the article
  • latest edited date on the article when cited
  • mention of the Scienticity Project of Ars Hermeneutica, Limited as source
  • in online references, a hyperlink to the original article

Author's names and article dates can be found in the "history" tab on each article.

This online compilation comprising all articles accessible through <> is © Copyright by Ars Hermeneutica, Limited; any use of the content of more than 3 articles from this collection in any one project requires prior permission from Ars Hermeneutica.


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