Presidential Science Advisors

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Advisor Title Served Term
Vannevar Bush D, OSRD F.D. Roosevelt 1941--1947
Oliver E. Buckley   Truman 1951--1952
Lee A. DuBridge   Truman &
Isidor I. Rabi   Eisenhower 1956--1957
James R. Killian, Jr   Eisenhower 1957--1959
George B. Kistiakowsky   Eisenhower 1959--1961
Jerome B. Wiesner   Kennedy &
Donald F. Hornig D, OST Johnson 1964--1969
Lee A. Dubridge D, OST Nixon 1969--1970
Edward E. David, Jr. D, OST Nixon 1970--1973
H. Guyford Stever D, OSTP Ford 1973--1977
Frank Press D, OSTP Carter 1977--1981
Benjamin Huberman AD, OSTP Reagan 1981
George A. Keyworth, II D, OSTP Reagan 1981--1985
John P. McTague AD, OSTP Reagan 1986
Richard G. Johnson AD, OSTP Reagan 1986
William R. Graham, Jr D, OSTP Reagan 1986--1989
Thomas P. Rona AD, OSTP Reagan 1989
D. Allan Bromley D, OSTP G.H.W. Bush 1989--1993
John H. Gibbons D, OSTP Clinton 1993--1998
Kerri-Ann Jones AD, OSTP Clinton 1998
Neal F. Lane D, OSTP Clinton 1998--2001
Rosina Bierbaum AD, OSTP G.W. Bush 2001
Clifford Gabriel AD, OSTP G.W. Bush 2001
John H. Marburger III D, OSTP G.W. Bush 2001--January 2009
Ted Wackler AD, OSTP Obama January--March 2009
John Holdren D, OSTP Obama March 2009--present
  • "D" = Director
  • "AD" = Acting Director
  • "OSRD" = Office of Scientific Research and Development, created in 1941 to oversee the Manhattan project
  • "OST" = Office of Science and Technology, established in July 1961
  • "OSTP" = Office of Science & Technology Policy, established in June 1973


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