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Ars Hermeneutica, Limited, located in Bowie, Maryland, is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt science-education and scientific-research corporation whose mission is to advance science and to promote the public's understanding of science through innovative research and unique programs in casual public education. We envision a scientifically literate America.

The name of the company, which is Latin, translates as "the art of understanding and communication", "understanding" in the sense of "comprehending". The four elements of the company logo symbolize the points of our hermeneutical compass: a candle for enlightenment, a letter for learning, an atom for science, and a wing for communication. The wing is an allusion to the Greek god Hermes, "Mercury" to the Romans, the messenger of the gods and the guy with the wings on his feet. "Hermes" is the root of the word "hermeneutics", a branch of metaphysics dealing with communication and understanding.

More information, including copies of publicly available documents, can be found at the company website. Please contact us by e-mail through the Comment Form.


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