We like to encourage reading about science. We like to gain insight into the thoughts of scientists throughout history. We like free stuff.

So, we combine them all into free bookmarks with inspiring and informative quotations from scientists of all types. Just print them out on paper or card stock and cut them up.

To kick off the series, here's a special set of 'quotemarks' featuring Charles Darwin, the scientist responsible for one of the greatest ideas in the history of science.

Darwin Bookmarks

Thanks to our friend in scienticity, Colin Purrington of Swarthmore College, our first offering of free bookmarks is a series, all in one file, featuring 10 quotations by Charles Darwin. Designed as part of the Axis of Evo project, Colin has given us permission to share his elegant and inspiring designs right here. [source]

Here's a sample bookmark:

Here's a link to a PDF containing all 10 quotemarks, ready to print; or
click here to start an automatic download of the PDF and save the file to your computer.

The file is ready to print out and cut into individual bookmarks. We like Colin's suggestion of printing and donating "a couple hundred to your local elementary school library to discreetly support scientific leanings of young brains."